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The Blend Foundation

Blend Amsterdam is part of the Blend Foundation, founded in 2013. In her statutes the following goals are established:

  • to enable people meeting and to create positive social dynamics;
  • to enlarge the self-sustainability of youngsters in a vulnerable situation in relation to society;
  • to stimulate and support the social activity of youngsters in a vulnerable situation in relation to society..

In order to reach these goals the following activities are carried out:

  • the creation of meeting places;
  • activating companies, citizens and social organisations to contribute to reaching the goals of the foundation.
Board composition

The board of the foundation consists of 4 members: Christine Roos – Spanjaard (chairman), Erik Wurpel (treasurer), Marijke Meijer (secretary) en Gijs van Dam (board member).

Reward Policy

The reward policy of the Blend Foundation is based on a good balance between the possibilities of attracting and maintaining talented volunteers and staff members suitable to the social position of the Blend Foundation. As a social enterprise rewards are for a significant part financed by profits made on the market. The board does its work unpaid.



Policy plan

Read the outline of policy plan 2021 of the Blend Foundation here.