Blend Amsterdam

About us

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We wish for a world where every young person has a chance to get out of a challenging situation
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What we do

Blend Amsterdam is committed to training and empowering young adults who grow up with fewer opportunities or are in a vulnerable position. Our students have often had to deal with many challenges in their early childhood and have grown up in a disadvantaged environment. They have to work harder for the same opportunities and their safety net is smaller.

Therefore we have created a comprehensive coaching and training programme that helps young adults get the resilience they need, and the skills to be able to be self sustained.

Blend Amsterdam aims to:

  1. Increase self-reliance of young adults in vulnerable positions.
  2. Contribute to broadening their horizons and opportunities.
  3. Operate financially independent with respect for people, the environment and society.

“I have myself experienced how inspiring people can change your path. Through my own turbulent adolescent years I have met people that helped me reshape my way through life. I am grateful for having met them and for the chances I got.

The first thought of actually starting Blend came in 2012. As a project manager I had work experience in the advertising world and at a foundation for young adults in vulnerable situations. I combined the experience from both worlds into building a social enterprise that would empower young adults as I have been supported and inspired. Our team aims to fulfill this role for young adults who face serious challenges in life.

Through our ongoing curriculum we aim to inspire and empower our students through personal leadership classes and hospitality classes. Eventually they can put their newly acquired skills and positive energy to the test by hosting meetings, lunches and dinners that we organize for all kinds of businesses, organizations and the city of Amsterdam. ”

Amber Heinsdijk Founder and CEO, Blend Amsterdam


Underpinning everything we do have 4 core values:


We want to create a change that matters. We are committed to being a social impact foundation that can maintain itself with consistent growth, and opportunities for our members.


We give young adults the skills of a lifetime. We advocate on behalf of our young adults, and we represent them in social and business settings. We act as a gateway from the current situation to a future that every young adult can build for her/himself.


We get up close and personal with our trainees. We are driven by kindness to others and we offer assistance when needed.


We laugh. We are grateful, positive, and hospitable. We work hard, but we like to have a good time too!

Interested in finding out more?

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