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A Warm Community for Connection and Growth
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Either a small boardroom meeting, an offsite team building day or a full on conference, we have space options for all needs. Check out our rooms and location.


Come visit our charming wharf cellar!

Feel free to drop in for a delicious cup of coffee or fresh soup. We are open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM.


Join the Blend Community

Blend Amsterdam offers a unique place for young adults where you can unwind, meet others, study and join a free yoga or mindfulness class. The diversity of our community takes you outside your own bubble and has a refreshing and heartwarming effect. You can join all year round.


Shinrin-yoku (Japanese for ‘immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the forest’) is a very accessible relaxation technique, during which you spend time in and with nature. By offering small exercises (‘invitations’) I invite you to slow-down and connect yourself with your natural environment, yourself and this moment in time, by using all your senses. Scientific research shows that practicing shinrin-yoku – amongst others – provides you with deep relaxation, reduces stress levels, improves your quality of sleep, focus and creativity, and brings you back to yourself. 

After the workshop you can start practicing Shinrin-yoku yourself and I hope to inspire you to include the healthy practice in your daily routines!

Marjolein C. Groot
Shinrin-Yoku Nature & Forest Therapy Guide (ANFT)


Chair massage is a fast, effective way to prevent stress and it is a real energy boost. Through my massage on the chair I want to give people a bit of relaxation, attention, awareness and appreciation.


Yin Yoga and Sound Healing are a wonderful combination for relaxation, rest and recovery. Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga in which we hold postures for a longer period of time. We bring loving attention to different parts of our body, learn to deal with resistance and discover how to listen to the signals of our body. Through Sound Healing I use sound vibrations to balance body and mind. The vibrations and warm sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls calm the nervous system, bring attention to the moment and deepen contact with yourself. In my classes I combine both.


Mauri Kieft
Yoga Teacher & Sound Healing


“You are good as you are and what you do will become better .”
At Blend Amsterdam I give lessons in Personal leadership. We use the seven characteristics as given by Steven Covey as  a means to increase our influence on the quotidian things we do.
Nicoline v.d. Heijden 
Trainer Personal Leaderschip


“Out of your head, into your body”. This is, in short, my offer that I make as a trainer at Blend. During the programme  Blow my mind you’ll learn to “be” with whats inside you and to live with whatever there is.
Patrick van Vught
Trainer Zijnsorientation


Being a volunteer doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend time fighting for justice or solving problems overseas and changing the world on a grand scale – sometimes it means literally do a google search, find a cause closest to your heart and you are a phone call away from helping. That is what happened to me – I have called Amber with the desire to make a difference utilizing my skills. A few months later, still incredibly proud and extremely grateful to be part of the Blend Amsterdam journey.
Cristina Danila


“I have been volunteering with Blend Amsterdam for a while now. Time goes by quick! I feel this organisation has the right heart and strategy to help youngsters for a better future. I am honored to be part of that journey and hope to see it grow even bigger. Also an amazing place to work – Everybody here is very understanding, supportive, friendly and encouraging.”


Emel Rolon

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Rent one of our beautiful locations

Rent one of our premium locations for your business event, paired with a custom food and beverage package tailored to your needs.


Visit our coffee and soup cafe

Our cafe at Nieuwe Herengracht 18 – sous is opened on Tuesday and Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 14:00. It’s possible to make a reservation.

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Any support is welcome to provide more young adults with a place in the development program. Any contribution, big or small.